Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A collision of worlds

Being in London this week, has been like a collision of my worlds. I came specifically this week to be at the commissioning as a Salvation Army officer of my friend, Sarah, from Latvia. While here I'm staying with old friends from the US and visiting friends who I've know since training. I also visited my goddaughter and her family who are officers in the UK, who were close friends in Latvia and remain close even though we are a continent apart. At the commissioning meetings I ran into friends from ICO,we were together nearly 12 years ago now. Plus meeting a number of other people who I met during my time in Latvia. All of it has been wonderful but a little crazy, too. It is surreal to pass someone in a hall or meet for a minute at a coffee shop as if I see them regularly rather than once in the last four or more years. I had only a few minutes to connect with people from Latvia who mean so much to me and were part of a life-changing three years. Even spending a couple of days with friends, seems less than ideal when it will be another year, at least, before we meet again. It is a privilege and blessing to have so many friends from different parts of the world. But also sad that we don't see each other or keep in touch. I'd like to commit to doing better at corresponding, but I know once I get home and back at work it won't happen. So, I'm thankful for these brief blessings.

Another thing has just occurred to me while I've been here. It's four years this week since I left Latvia. That means I've been home a year longer than I was there. It seems unbelievable in so many ways. I've had 3 different appointments, lived in 3 different cities. I guess that's why the time has gone so quickly. I'm only just now feeling settled in this appointment. And nothing will ever compare to those 3 years in Latvia. It still comes up often in my thoughts and conversations (probably more than people would like.) I still want to tell the story when someone will listen. And sometimes I still feel like I'm getting used to living in the US. No conclusions to these thoughts. I just wanted to get it out there.

Feeling blessed beyond measure with family, friends and opportunities.

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